Microsoft has been launched a new version of window few days ago after launching windows7 and the name of this version is windows 8. Windows 8 is ready to give you more powerful and new technology through which you can get advanced operating system. Now if you want to run this version of windows alongside with your existing OS then you must follow these steps to install this version. You must know that this is a bit tricky to completely install this new version 8. So to do it, you have to first make partition of your hard disk. Another option is that if you have a spare hard drive you can also firstly install that OS into that one.

So, to create partition you must follow these steps. Firstly you have to go to the start menu and right click on my computer followed by selecting manage. After this you have to select that partition of your hard disk in which portion you want to install this version. Then choose for the amount of space you need for shrinking and click on shrink. Recommended size is 40,000 MB for this purpose. This portion will be labeled as unallocated. Now install Windows 8 in this unallocated leveled drive.

For the purpose of downloading Windows 8 you have to download the Windows 8 image file and most importantly the key. If you don’t get this key, you should not be able to install windows. Once you have downloaded all the setup files burn it using DVD writer. After finishing the burning you are ready for installing the OS into your computer. Initially by pressing the known key through which machine get into its BIOS setup enter there and get ready for the installation of the windows 8 by following normal procedure through which you install the OS.

The features which make this OS much better than the other versions are fast booting, better windows explorer and easy and fast copy and pasting of files. Metro Style interfacing has been launched into this OS giving it a cutting edge look and a brand new interfacing. Because of the compatibility with the ARM processors this OS can be installed into tablets, desktops, and laptops creating a big range of user interfacing. Multiple monitoring is also added in this version creating heaven for those who use multiple monitors. So, with this kind of compatibility, durability, and user interfacing this version 8 has given windows a new mileage.