The best way to make money from your blog is to sell your own product. But, developing or creating your own product can’t be done in a day. You need to build a solid plan before you even work on creating the product that you want to sell on your blog. Without a solid plan, you can’t sell your product well even though it is a good product. So, in order for you to be able to make money from your blog, you need to build the solid plan for your product first. Here are 7 steps to build a solid product plan for your blog:

1. Have A Very Specific Goal In Mind

First of all, you need to have a specific goal in your mind about the product that you are going to sell on your blog. What will it be like? Will it be an information product? Will it be a software? Or, will you even sell physical product on your blog? What will the product do? Can it benefit your audience? How can you make it marketable? Gather all the ideas about your product and write it in a special notebook. You have to set a tangible goal for your business plan.

2. Create Specific Solution For Specific Problem

Your product needs to be able to solve specific problem that your audience has. In fact, it needs to offer a great solution for your audience’s problem. However, you need to focus on one specific problem to solve. Don’t try to solve multiple problems in one product. If you do that, it will only confuse your audience and make them feel overwhelmed with it. So, choose a big problem that you want to solve and create a specific solution for that problem.

3. Create A Big Promise And Deliver Your Promise With Your Product

With every product, there’s big promise. People will only feel satisfied with your product if they find that it can deliver its promise to them. So, think about it right now. You have to create a big promise for your product that will entice your audience to buy it. What will be the biggest promise that your product can offer? Once you’ve figured that out, you need to deliver your promise with your product. Create the product so that it can deliver the promise claimed.

4. Build A Solid Product Blueprint

The next thing to do is to build a solid product blueprint, which is the entire body of your product. So, for instance, if you plan to build an information product, then you have to think about the design, the content, the pages, the chapters, the parts, the bullet points, and so on. Those elements constitute your product blueprint. Be sure to create a clear blueprint for your product–the one that will allow you to develop your product with ease.

5. Outline The Tasks To Be Done To Develop The Product

Now that you’ve got the blueprint with you, it’s time for you to build a solid plan to practically develop your product. You need to outline the tasks that you need to do to create the product from scratch. First, you have to set the big tasks at first. Then, you have to divide the big tasks into multiple smaller tasks that you can practically do step by step. This will be a long list of tasks, depending on how big your product will be. But, be sure to write it all in detail.

6. Gather All The Required Ingredients For Your Product

What’s left is to gather all the required ingredients for your product. You can’t create a product out of thin air. There will be tools that you need to use in order to create it. If you are creating an information product, you will need tools like word processor, software for graphic design, PDF creator, information source, past research from various experts, and so on. What you need to do is to gather all those ingredients that are required to create your product.

7. Create A Solid Promotion Plan For Your Product

The last thing that you need to do is to create a good promotion strategy for your product. Be sure to make it easy, practical, and profitable. You might want to formulate a certain plan that will allow you to promote your product in various platforms, such as in your own blog, social media, YouTube, other blogs, and so on. More importantly, you should also create a good promotion plan for your product launch as well.

Once you’ve followed those steps, your plan is done. You are ready to execute your plan anytime. Remember that no matter how good your plan is, the most important thing to do is to execute it. Without executing your plan, you will never be able to really make money from your blog.