Vocational Area

Agricultural Mechanics/Diesel Technology

The agricultural mechanics technology program provides our students with an opportunity to have realistic mechanical, trouble shooting and operating experiences.

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The goal is to provide students with the skills and credentials necessary for a successful career in the Tree Care Industry. Students may further their education at the college level or go directly into the Tree Care Industry as an entry level arborist. Although the arboriculture curriculum focuses primarily on the residential and commercial tree care industries, the curriculum also prepares students to work with municipalities and utility tree care companies as well.

Automotive Collision and Repair Technology

The auto body industry needs more qualified technicians than ever before. In this course students are trained in all the areas of the trade: refinish and spraying techniques: rust and collision repair, including unibody work with the latest Blackhawk bench system. Instruction includes the use of all basic and hand pneumatic tools while working on actual vehicles.

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Automotive Technology

This high technology course offers students the chance to gain expertise in the diagnosis, repair, and testing of all types of foreign and domestic automobiles using sophisticated computerized equipment. As the auto industry continues to evolve into new technologies it is imperative technicians are formally trained.


Biotechnology is a growing field with a wide range of challenging employment opportunities. Biotechnology is the commercialization of biology. It is an evolving discipline in which biological organisms are used to improve the lives of people and animals.


Instructions are offered in the skills involved in operating hand and power tools as well as the atistic techniques required for the construction of fine furniture and cabinets. Juniors and seniors have an opportunity to work on the outside projects including a new house and municipal buildings.

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The millhouse and house building carpentry department offers complete training in woodworking, new house construction, building repair and building remodeling. Students are trained to use all of the essential tools, machinery, and materials. Instruction is given in bluepreint readings, layout and design.


This course will prepare students for the state board of Hairdressing Written and Practical Examination. Training includes shampooing, scalp treatments, manicures, facials, hair cutting, hair coloring, hair analysis, hair styling, finger waving, and curling, permanent waving, conditioning and reconditioning the hair and corrective hair coloring.


Culinary Arts is an instructional program that prepares individual students in food technology skills and customer relations while maintaining local sanitation codes in a safe working environment. Students will apply computer technology and work with state of the art equipment in the restaurant, kitchen and bakery areas.

Dental Assisting

Our Dental Assisting program prepares students to perform a wide range of clinical, laboratory, and practice management skills in the dental office. Students study anatomy and physiology and gain knowledge of proper infection control protocol, radiation health and safety, and effective chair-side procedures. In the lab, techniques and the ability to select, manipulate, and employ dental materials are thoroughly explored. Students also gain clinical experience at numerous dental offices and clinics throughout the area.

Design and Visual Communications

The Design and Visual Communications Department trains students to become professional artists and designers. Its fundamental objectives are fostering intellectual development through creative critical thinking, aesthetic appreciation resulting from thoughtful dialogue, and technical skills through the manipulation of materials.


The in-depth training students receive in the Drafting/CAD program enables them to translate their ideas or the ideas of other professionals into working drawings. Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) will be the primary vehicle used to develop the drawings. Students will utilize state-of-the-art drawing software programs including AutoCAD and Inventor.

Early Childhood

Early Education students study child development theory and teaching methods, which they use as student teachers in the school.s Early Education Center. Courses include Advanced Child Development, Teaching Methods, and Business Principles and Practices in Early Education. After meeting the requirements set by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Blue Hills, students may be recommended for preschool teacher certification.


This course involves training in electrical theory, practice and code. Students are taught the installation and repair of electrical systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Upper-class students actually wire a house. Course leads to a license in this rewarding field.


ElectronicsStudents in the Electronics program are educated through experimentation, circuit design and building, troubleshooting, use of test equipment, and project construction. Safety standards and state of the art practices are integral parts of the program. Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) is also employed to measure both individual and/or group progress. Math skills necessary for electronics, including algebra and trigonometry, are part of the curriculum.

Facilities Management

FacilitiesThis course covers the overall management of a maintenance program in a commercial, industrial or residential complex. The curriculum includes: general building repairs, landscaping maintenance, pneumatics, hydraulics, heating and masonry. It also includes familiarization with woodworking, welding, metal fabrication and mechanical repairs.


FloricultureThe floriculture courses give students the training needed to take advantage of the employment opportunities in the industry.

Graphic Communications

Graphic communicationsThe students will be introduced to the basics of layout and design, web based animation and basic press operations. Students will learn the bindery functions of folding, drilling, stitching, collating, booklet making and padding operations. Students will be introduced to the entire graphic communication field, which includes press operations, pre press computer based layout, digital design, imaging and animation.

Health Assisting

Health assistingThis course will prepare students for the State Board of Nursing Assistants written and practical examination. The students will also be trained as home care aides and pharmacy technicians. Training includes direct patient care both physical and emotional, transferring, documentation, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, medical terminology and home assessments. This course could be used as a base of knowledge for other medical careers.

Hotel, Restaurant & Business Management

Hotel, restaurant & business managementHotel, Restaurant, & Business Management is a four year program providing training and skills development in hospitality, retail services, and banking. The program focuses on marketing, accounting, management controls, human resource management, presentation and communications. Students are exposed to a variety of labs, including radio and television production, a school retail store, a school conference center, and off-site training at large hotels and restaurants. Special events include field trips to luxury hotels and radio/TV stations. Students extend their learning and experience by planning and executing special events with training partner hotels.

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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Rereigeration

HvacClimate control is an important focus in every business and residence making HVAC students in high demand. During their course of study, students will learn the various applications that are used within maintained techniques of compressors, piping refrigerant lines, pressure gauges, electrical circuits, hydronics, burners, and thermostats. Students will also learn numerous renewable energy concepts new to the field.

Information Systems

Information systemsRapid advances in digital technologies and their widespread deployment throughout the economy have fueled explosive growth in the demand for workers skilled in the development and use of information technology (IT). The Information Technology program is designed to give students a solid foundation in many computer related areas. Instruction includes operating systems, PC service and maintenance, network design and troubleshooting, web design, video communication, and telecom cabling. An extensive component of instruction will be to prepare students to successfully pass the computer industry standard exam in A+.

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LandscapingEmerging technologies are constantly placing new demands on the seasonal landscape professional. Pesticide use will be more and more curtailed as natural systems of combatting disease and insects are actively sought. Landscapers will need to become botanists of the first caliber in order to function in today.s market. Because of increased people pressure on the land, there is a growing demand for knowledgeable landscape technicians.

Large Animal Science

Large animal scienceThe animal science division provides both hands on and technological experiences in both the equine and livestock programs. The large animal major enables students to go into the job market or on to college. By having a fully certified four year, 180 day academic program, many graduates do both.

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Machine Tool Technology

MachineThe career area is a three section shop containing 45 machines, a hear treatment area and related room with projection compatibilities. Students are trained in blue print reading, sketching, bill of material properties, metal treatment, shop related mathematics and theory.

Marine Services

Marine servicesStudents in Marine Services develop the skills necessary to repair and maintain oceangoing pleasure craft. All aspects of vessel repair are covered with an emphasis on engine mechanical repair, DC electrical circuitry, and computer diagnostics. Instruction involves extensive hands-on projects in a group setting, enhanced with demonstration and traditional theory courses.

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MarketingA person with careers in management and entrepreneurship formulates policies and direct the operations of businesses and corporations, nonprofit institutions and other organizations. In small firms, the owner or chief executive officer may assume all advertising, promotions, marketing, sales and public relations responsibilities. In large firms, which may offer numerous products and services nationally or even worldwide, an executive vice president directs overall advertising, promotions, marketing, sales and public relations policies.

Masonry & Tile Setting

MasonryThis course is designed to give a graduate of the program in entry level skill in residential and commercial masonry. Shop practice jobs range in degree of difficulty, from 4′, 8″, 12′ walls and corners of brick, block, stone, glass block, and concrete, 2 steps, arches and fireplaces. Employment opportunities are very good. Masonry work is plentiful and workers are in demand.

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Metal Fabrication & Joining Technology

Metal fabricationThe Metal Fabrication and Welding is a program designed to train and develop students to become skilled fabricators, welders, and sheet metal workers. Instruction includes a complete range of skilled areas from small business ownership, to computer generated plasma cutting machines to sheet metal duct work to copper roofing and gutter work to creative blacksmithing and certified welding.

Natural Resource Management

Natural resource managementEnvironmental careers are among those projected to experience considerable growth in the coming decades. The Natural Resource Management (NRM) program provides a broad-based introduction to the various environmental fields and is delivered by instructors with professional experience in wildlife biology, outdoor recreation and environmental interpretation.

Office Occupations

Office occupationsOffice Technology is a simulated office or business setting in which students become acquainted with the skills, abilities, and attitudes needed for successful job performance in the technical business office environment. Students explore a wide range of procedures including; learning how to use office machines, developing keyboard and filing skills, creating business documents, developing complex spreadsheets, designing exciting presentations, building functional databases, working on desktop publishing, performing accounting and business math, learning the fundamentals of business and marketing, along with many more useful topics.


PlumbingThe demand for plumbers and pipe fitters is expected to outpace the supply of workers trained in this demanding but rewarding field. Plumbing is a licensed trade that requires not only strong technical knowledge and skill, but also a thorough understanding of the Massachusetts State Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code.

Power Equipment Technology

Power technologyThe freshmen will learn the basics of outdoor power equipment service with the emphasis on safety and proper use of tools. They will learn and understand the safe use and introduction to power and machine tools along with safety in a shop environment. Students will be familiarized with component names and the fundamentals of a two (2) and 4 (4) cycle engine operation. They will learn minor troubleshooting of engines, which in turn will lead to minor tune-ups. Students will be taught the proper use and maintenance of outdoor power equipment. The Freshmen will learn the function of working safely in the shop environment. Freshmen will also learn about hand and power shop equipment, fire control, and use of extinguisher equipment. Students will become proficient in the dismantling and re-assembly of single cylinder four stroke engines.

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Programming and Web Development

Programing and webAs society becomes more information oriented, computers are becoming an integral part in most jobs. Programming concepts are taught using languages such as Visual Basic and Java. Using Microsoft access, a relational database management system, students are taught how to manage data electronically. Word processing and spreadsheet applications are introduced using Microsoft Office. Several enrichment programs such as Visual Basic, netwroking and HTML web page design are also available. Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter an entry-level position in information processing or to further their education by enrolling in a post-secondary school.

Small Animal Science

Small animal scienceThe small animals options is an excellent example of this philosophy as students experience all phases of the technology under real conditions with specifically assigned responsibilities. Accurate and detailed records are kept by the students which reflect their work.