With iOS devices to manage all the data on the computer, previously it would only be iTunes only. But now there are a lot of software support in managing data on iPhone / iPad similar to iTunes which the interface is simpler and easier to use.

iCareFone is a software that simplifies all tasks of managing iOS data on computers. Users will see all data from photos, videos … stored on iPhone. You also have the option of transferring data between devices with iPhone. The following article will guide you how to use iCareFone on your computer.

Instructions for managing iPhone data on a computer

Step 1: Users access the link below to download iCareFone software to the computer.


Step 2: Wait for the software installation process to complete on the computer, then click the Start button to begin. Connect iPhone to computer to use.

Step 3: Display the interface of the software with the device name is connected to the computer. Here you will see the main features of the software.

First, on the Home tab we click on the option of Transfer Device Media to iTunes to transfer multimedia data from iPhone to iTunes. You will see the files are grouped into different categories with the number displayed next to them. If you want to move any item, click the blue check box, then press the Transfer button to switch to iTunes on your computer.

Step 4: If you click Transfer iTunes Media to Device will transfer the image data, video from iTunes on the computer to iPhone.

With the One-click Export Photos to PC option, we will export all photos from iPhone to computer. Note that the trial version will only transfer 10 files. During the transfer you must not turn off the screen.

When the transfer is completed, iCareFone automatically creates the Camera Roll folder in your computer, and you need to click Open Folder to open the envelope and see all the data transferred from iPhone to.

Step 5: When clicking Transfer WhatsApp Data from iOS to iOS / Android, you can transfer WhatsApp data from an iOS device to an Android device.

Step 6: In addition to transferring data between devices, iCareFone software also adds the option to manage all data on the iPhone. We can delete data, edit data directly from the computer. Click the Manage tab to display all the data.

The data is divided into different categories, including Photos, Audio, Videos, Contacts, Messages, Apps, Books, and Bookmarks for us to manage efficiently.

When clicking on each file, the above shows more icons to use as Export to transfer data to a computer or iTunes, Add to move data to another item or Delete to delete data. These options depend on the type of data you are pressing to provide accordingly.

Step 7: Click the Backup & Restore item to backup data and restore it as needed. Here users will have the option to Backup the data of the iPhone and WhatsApp application.

When backing up data on your iPhone, you can choose the type of data you want to back up the folder to save the backup file in Backup Path. Then click Backup to proceed.

Step 8: With More Tools, users have additional tools to fix system errors.

In general, iCareFone software is easy to use with an intuitive interface, separated into separate content and tools to manage and process iPhone / iPad data on a computer. Besides, the software also supports data management on the WhatsApp application.

I wish you a successful implementation!