With the electronic paper called Paper-torch by the Japanese company TAKEO, you just need to curl it and have an LED light. Even this unique lamp can easily adjust the brightness as you like by loosening or tightly rolling the paper.

The manufacturer used YUPO paper, a durable, waterproof paper, and printed electronic circuit boards on it. When the paper is rolled up, the LED light system is activated and becomes a special light that can be used as a battery, a desk lamp, or a ceiling light.

Users can easily adjust the brightness of the lamp by controlling the tightness of the roll. If you want a night light with dim light, users only need to scroll slightly, but if you want a flashlight or a desk lamp, you just need to navigate the paper more tightly.

Besides, the LED light system can change colors when users change the tightness of the paper roll. When the scroll is gently rolled, the light will gradually turn white (cold color), and when tightly rolled, the sun will turn progressively yellow (warm tone).

The Paper-torch smart light is the perfect device to take with you because of its compact size and can be flattened when needed.