A note to those of you who are book lover like I am, you can find 102,000 books of all types at www.e-Books.com. There are some popular book, some fiction, plus academic, religious, self help, computer, history, reference, professional and other type books available at this site. There are lots of theses that are free but some that you can also get by paying a small price.
Then there are other great sites too where you can go to that have to peruse a book or two. If you are interested in the classics, there are over 1000 classics books at www.free-books.org; There is the wonderful library all over the place that offer free books or books at a cheaper price.
Let us not overlook this one in particular at the University of Pennsylvania web site www.onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/ that features over 10,000 books.
But the one that offers even more books is the Gutenberg organization. They have been collecting and publishing book on the internet from the very beginning for people to read. They were the first to do this so that the public could get hold of important book free of cost. Some of them are the classics but they have a catalog of over 20,000 that you can pick from in their collection. Their online address is www.gutenberg.org
I pointed out to you the great website knownwww.bjnewlife.org as www.Learnoutloud.com where there is free movies, audios and books, but in case some of you missed it I though I’d mention it again. This place has speeches, classic radio shows, and just about anything you can think of that you might find of interest.
If you are searching for free children’s books you may find them at some of these places but there is also a web site devoted that supports free books for children literacy. www.lullaleepublications.Org
There is even a free Christian book site at www.bjnewlife.org.
Here is another place that specializes in paper backs but also has hardback, audio books and even some text book as well. www.paperBackSwap.com
Maybe you prefer to read novels and fiction well there are plenty of places that offer these for free also. Here is one of them. http://www.starry.com/free-online-novels/index.htm
If you would rather have them on a PDF format then your in luck too as even such classics as Charles Dickens books are listed here for free. http://www.planetpdf.com/free_pdf_ebooks.asp?CurrentPage=1
If you are looking for reading material and have a computer, there is no reason you should not find plenty of it online in almost any format, even for your I-pod.
Read a book and increase your mind power. You will be surprised at all you can learn from books not just from the computer.