Windows 8 Steps Recorder

Many have yet to get used to the UI on Windows 8, and it’s not easy considering how radically this is from the way that the previous versions of Windows operated. But what’s hard for most users is any Windows 8 problem that they can’t explain. This is where the Problem Steps Recorder comes in. This application documents what the user does on a computer, so that in the case of an error, the records can be later examined to see what exactly went wrong. The steps gotten on record can be saved to a file, and in case the user decides to get technical assistance with troubleshooting the matter, these records may prove invaluable to the effort.

For a Windows 7 or Windows 8 problem, the name for this software is Steps Recorder. Only a few differences are there for these two separate versions; the essential features remain the same.

You should note that for the steps you record on your computer, no typing will be recorded. If you want to type an important aspect of the problem you are trying to solve, by recreating the problem, you should make use of the common feature and highlight the important aspects while recording. A full screen game program is unlikely to be caught accurately, or if recorded might not give useful details to a technical support person.

The Steps Recorder application helps you to record problems so that you can share these recordings with a person who can help you fix the problem. You can also record tutorials to help others by uploading it online. With Steps Recorder you can do both record problems and record tutorials, with the help of mouse clicks, and names of applications that open up for you.

Instructions to use Steps Recorder to capture the occurrence of a problem

As step one open the applications by writing



and then press


in the search bar.

Steps recorder for Windows 8

As step two, when it opens, press the

Start Recording

button. The Steps Recorder tool will record all your mouse clicks, and type what you set it to.

As step three, if you want to add the comments that you have typed, then press

Add Comment

button and type your comments to the

Highlight Problem Comment

box, and after you have finished, press


to continue with the recording.

As step four, when the recording is over, press the

Stop Recording

button. View the recording before you save it.

As step five, you can change the settings in Steps Recorder by choosing the


option in the help menu.

So do the above, and you’ll have mastered the use of the steps recorder in Windows 8.