The new Windows 8 uses effective methods and techniques to provide an ultimate experience to its users. The new feature of the fully loaded Windows 8 include the all new start screen, new apps with different functions and technology to make use of the new age devices with full optimization. The Windows Store also matches the standards of the current computing generation to provide a competitive edge to its consumers and enable them to interact with the world using latest and advanced technology. One of the good aspects about the new Windows 8 is that it uses the technique of cloud computing. The cloud computing technology enables its users to access the files and the documents, as well as the application of their system from another system located in a completely different space. Windows 8 has built this technology to provide a comfortable access to the personal files and documents at a distant location, when needed.

The Cloud computing technique enables the new Windows 8 to be present everywhere. The user must have a Microsoft account to sign in from a different computer. The Microsoft account contains all the personal information and the personalized setting of a person or the user according to his choice or preferences. The personalization setting include the desktop background and the basic Windows 8 settings as well and you just need to sign in to access your account. When you sign in using a different personal computer the settings which you made according to your preferences will be applied and you will be able to access the Windows which you designed for yourself. Any user of the new Windows 8 can be a part of this as long as he or she has a registered Microsoft account. The cloud connectivity of the new Windows 8 gives an unparallel experience to its users and they are able establish a connectivity between many devices and other cloud services very easily.

Windows 8 cloud connectivity

The cloud connectivity also enables the users of the new Windows 8 to establish easy communication among friends and family. Some of the apps of Windows Store can be used as a good source of communication between two computers who are connected to the cloud. The contacts on the Windows 8 can be added from various social networking resources such as Gmail, twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Hotmail and various other services which provide social connectivity. The contacts can be added to the Microsoft account of a user as well. The Microsoft account is further used to establish communication with the added contacts either from your personal computer or any other computer on which the supporting app is present. The People app of Microsoft enables you to have a fully connected address book to serve all your purposes. All the communication can take place at a centralized location and you do not have to worry about losing your contacts. Check all the updates of your loved ones using the People app. You can also check all your emails from different email accounts at one place without any problem at all.