As the time passed, man has not only set new standards in their living styles but also changed the way to perform work. For instance, long time back, man used to face immense problems when he was made to deal with diseases. There was very little medication facilities available for helping them out but today, diseases, may they are of urgent priority, humans have devised innumerable ways to tackle with the same.One such disease is the Parkinson’s disease. There are many people who are still not aware of existence of any such disease. This article is hence an appropriate guide for guiding such people with aspects like what Parkinson’s disease is and what are its symptoms and its treatments.

What is Parkinson’s disease? The Parkinson’s is nothing but a degenerative disease affecting the CNS or the central nervous system. It results in ceased production of the dopamine generating cells which are present in substantia nigra. It is a part of midbrain. The cause of the ceased cell production is still unknown. People suffering from this brain disorder are lead to tremors or shaking conditions, they face difficulty in walking and coordination as well. What are the symptoms shown by the people affected with the Parkinson’s disease? People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease can gain control over their disease in its early stages only if they are aware of its symptoms. In initial stages, the symptoms are quite mild in nature. The tremors and the feeling of dragging and stiff legs are quite mild and low. The disease may affect only one or both sides of the body as well. Some common symptoms might involve: • Constipation • Difficulty in swallowing • Drooling • Slow blinking • Problem in walking and balancing • Expressionless face • Muscle pains and aches The areas that report movement problems may include: • Initiation of any movement like walking or getting up • Rhythmic movement • Slowed pace of movements • Difficulty in little movements like writing and eating What are the treatments available for the Parkinson’s disease? Sadly, there is no treatment for this Parkinson’s disease till date. This is the reason why catching hold of the disease’s presence in its very initial stage is important. The symptoms need to be controlled. When talking about the same in medical terms a person who is in initial stages of the Parkinson’s disease can be helped with a supply of dopamine to the brain. When the person intakes dopamine, the symptoms may fade out but when its effect starts ending, the symptoms return soon.

The reason behind the unknown treatment is that the cause of the ceased cell growth is not known. People need to figure out different therapies with the help of one’s own doctor and see what works. It is really important that the person keeps taking regular doses of dopamine for effective results. As a result of many treatments, the patient might also become a victim of vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, delirium and even hallucinations. Many cases might also demand surgical attention for valuable and healthy results.