We know, there are only 5 apps on our 10 must have apps list but, do not worry part 2 will be coming. In todays world there are many apps that get downloaded, so we decided to pick out 10 must have apps, that you truely need.

The first app in our 10 must have app countdown is Google +. If a social networking app does not make the 10 must have list then something must be wrong. Google + is a must have app if you have a Google + account, it lets you stay connected whereever you might be.

The second awesome app on the 10 must have list is Google Search. This app takes you right to the Google home page were you can log in or simply search. With all the googleing that happens these days, it is the information age after all, have google at you fingertips lets you access all the information you could ever want.

The third of the 10 must have apps is Wikipedia Mobile. This is an amazing app that brings the awesomeness of wikipedia to your mobile device, what more can you ask for than an encyclopedia on your mobile device.

The fourth app that ranks well enough to be placed on our list of 10 must have apps is Apple Store. We here at Mobile App College understand that not every mobile devie out there is an Apple product, and even that Android has a majority of the market share, but apps work for the iPad and iPod touch devices too and that number is enought to make it on of the 10 must have apps. Now to explain why it was deemed worthy of being one of the 10 must have apps. It can let you shop the online Apple Store, as well as find and sync with the local Apple Store to make your shoping more convenient.

The last app of part 1 of the 10 must have apps nothing more than a game. We all know one of the first things that you try out when you get your mobile device is a game, or at least something entertaining and this was our choice of entertainment. This game is similar to Angery Birds so you know it has to be good. While testing many fun apps for this position on our 10 must have apps list this one stood out. It was had to stop, very addicting, if that is what you want in a fun app this is it.

We hope that you enjoy these apps and come back to discover what the other five apps on our 10 must have apps list will be.

This is the MUST HAVE APP of our must have apps.

We know, you are thinking, “but i already have the facebook app.” Well Google Plus is growing in popularity and it might be time you switch. I know that can be a scary thing, so here is some knowledge that might help you decide whether or not Google Plus is worth the switch.

After using Google Plus for only a week, i decided to go back and check my facebook only to feel confused and bogged down. I realized that the interface and layout of Google Plus is very clean and simple to use. The same is true of the app and that is why Google Plus is a must have app. One of my favorite things about Google Plus and its app is the abilty to sort people into more than just a list of friends. Have a co-worker? Put them in the co-worker Circle, have an acquaintance, put them in the acquaintance Circle…Coolest thing ever! Oh and the biggest reason the switch to this must have app for Google Plus is so easy, there is a plug-in that will allow you to see all your other social networking sites like, facebook or linkedin, all form one place. Google Plus.

Just a reminder: This app is a MUST HAVE APP not just a must have app. So download it already.

Why i asked my self would i have an app for YouTube but not for Google? Maybe because it is set to the home page of my browser app and i can just use that?

Wrong. If that is the case set YouTube as your home page for your browser app, or anything esle you have an app for.

This is, a must have app. It is Google man, why the heck would you want or need anything else ever again. I mean what can you not do through google? Thats right, NOTHING.

As far as must have apps go this pretty much sums them all up.

When we thought about what was truely a must have app we came to the conclusion that Wikipedia should be on that list. Now be honest with yourself and try to say that you have not used wikipedia, do not have this must have app open in another tab right now, or never will use this app. It can not be done. This is the arguemnt solving, just curious, or even the “I am doing research” (sorry teachers it is true) app.

It is for those reasons this makes the top five of our ten must have apps part one list.

For those of you who use macs, this is beyond a must have .

This must have app is a beauty, need to go to the apple store to see the Genius Bar people? This app will tell you the location of the nearest store and sync with the store and let you know when someone will be next available to help while you are there. Also one can scan an item at the store and then pay with thier credit card and not have to wait long hours in line. Should you not live near an Apple Store no problem. You can do all the shopping you need to do online and lets face it, in todays world that is a must have.

This is why it makes the list of our 10 must have apps.

What 10 must have apps list is complete with out some sort of entertainment. For this segment of our 10 must have apps list, a game takes the role.

This is a woderfully simple game. The user is shown a picture of a sculpture. There is a slingshot at the bottom of the screen, from where you luanch different types of explosives, ranging from ones that stick to the place where they land to ones that split into smaller explosives then stick to the sculpture waiting for another explosive to to set them off.

If you are a fan of angry birds this game will entertain you for hours.

This game truely warrents a spot on out 10 must have apps.