Before anything else, what exactly is direct marketing? Direct marketing is a form of advertising wherein a business resorts to communicating directly with the customer through a variety of marketing methods like email marketing, mobile messaging, online display advertisements, promo letters, promo fliers, catalog distribution, and offline advertising. This method emphasizes on focusing the marketing messages on the customer. This is why the messages are directly addressed to the consumers. Furthermore, these messages usually entice people to follow through with a “call to action”. This “call to action” could be a click on a link, a phone call, or a reply to an email message.

The concept of niche marketing is also very applicable in direct marketing. Since the focus of niche marketing is on a select group of people, your marketing messages will be received by highly-targeted customers. Conversion rates would also be higher and you would get more positive response with your “call to actions”. Both concepts complement each other very well.

Below are the advantages of engaging in direct marketing:

Flexible targeting. What this means is that you have the ability to isolate a well-defined target market and communicate to such market directly. You no longer have to communicate with everyone in the general market. Additionally, direct marketing is much cheaper than mass marketing campaigns.

Rapid delivery. DM is hands down one of the fastest in getting results from customers. This is especially correct when it comes to telemarketing which is one of the tools often associated with DM.

Relationship building. DM has more teeth with regards to starting and maintaining meaningful conversations with potential customers. From the moment the customer responds to the marketing message, the foundation of a business relationship is laid down. You can also use this relationship as a push pull technique in establishing demand for whatever it is you are trying to sell.

Cost-effective. DM is less expensive when compared to other marketing techniques of the same nature. On the outside, DM may look like as if a lot of money and resources are being spent on it. But this is often not the case.

Multiple uses. You can use DM on other purposes besides selling. You can utilize it to test out a new product or service of yours. You can use it to run a contest. You can use it to gather information from your customers. The possibilities are endless.

Ease of management. DM isn’t very difficult to measure. The numbers are in your hands, from the amount of marketing messages you send out in a certain time period to the number of responses you get. This helps you determine which messages are working and which aren’t.

Geographic targeting. You have the option to target whatever geographic location you want. If you believe that you can get more customers out of Los Angeles, California, then direct your marketing messages there.

There are of course several other advantages of direct marketing but the ones enumerated above are the most important ones.