There is a bit of confusion for many people when it comes to the differences between LCD and plasma TVs. Many people think that it is the same technology with a different name. They may also believe that a flat screen television or flat screen monitor is the same, but in reality they are not same. A flat screen TV can be an LCD or a plasma TV, but there is a difference between the two terms. You need to know the basics when you are looking to purchase a new telly.

The main difference in LCD and plasma TVs is in how the picture is made. Plasma and LCD televisions both have exceptional quality. In the plasma, two sheets of glass are placed together and gas is pumped between the two. The particles are charged and give off green, red and blue phosphors.

The phosphors make pixels which make up the picture. An LCD is two sheets of glass, but has liquid crystal instead. Rather than charging the particles, the crystal cells filter the colors. If one is choosing between LCD and plasma what is the best choice? Opinions vary, but one flaw of plasma televisions is “screen burn”, caused when the set is left on too long. A screen burn occurs when a static image is left on the screen for a long time and remains even when you change the channel. The burn effect is permanent if a stable image is on the screen for extended periods of time. Computer monitors are also prone to screen burn.

Yes, the information can be a little bit intimidating and you may not even care about the inner workings of the LCD and plasma TVs. But at least you will have the knowledge and be able to tell the difference. Whatever technology you decide you like better, you can now say you made an informed decision based on the information available.

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