Your brain is an amazingly complex system of bio-electrical synapses and relays, holding millions of bits of information, and able to calculate at the speed of light – yet look around today and you might doubt these facts.

You’ve all seen the meme of the people walking, staring mindlessly at their cell phones, with the caption about how the zombie apocalypse already happened. And yeah it’s funny, but are we all really doing such a poor job of thinking as we
stumble through the day? Have we just gotten lazy? Or maybe we’re all just running around on working with default settings…we’ve got to hack on our brains to be something more than mediocre!

Fact is, we’re all human, mistakes are thankfully part of our hard wiring (they’re called lessons, learn from them!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on how you’re doing things in the ole brain box. While you can throw a rock and hit a grip of guru’s and know-it-alls with one shot there are some things any of us can do to sharpen our wits, and improve our successes, without going broke paying a therapist – here are three for you hardcore cranial keyboard kowboys!

You heard me. Give up. Perfection that is!
One of the biggest notions I see so many impassioned people struggling with is PERFECTION. One of the problems with being passionate about what you do is that it generally means you’ve made significant emotional effort towards the pursuit of that activity. You care about it; so you of course want whatever it is to be the very best – especially if that thing is an item or service you will providing to others.

Perfection is the utmost fulfillment of your passion; in a perfect world it would be the result of your efforts each and every time you set out with a goal in mind. But this ain’t no perfect world. Perfection, should be saved for the gods.

Does this mean we should just give up? Be lazy, do sloppy work, sooner begun is sooner done? Well…I guess that’s one way to go about it…it’s a path many take,but I can tell you ultimately it will cost in quality. In integrity. And you will find yourself working even harder to do more piecemeal items just to make up in volume what you should be making in price.

Like all things, there must be a balance here. Do your best, but don’t linger and throw away energy on a task that is as good as it’s going to be. Get it done but don’t do lackadaisical work just to call it finished and down the line. Know what is required of each task you set your hands to, waste no effort – as Miyamoto Musashi said: do nothing which is of no use – get it done and call it good. You’ve got to find where that line is for yourself in your own craft; it’s different for everyone and every field.

It’s not just some zen BS. This one will be short and sweet. You are not better than anyone else, you never will be. You my precious snowflake are unique – just like everyone else. Even if you are the best, you’re only the best until someone better comes along, so get over yourself. Every single person you meet knows something you do not – therefore, they have something to teach you, no matter how learned you are. Take every interaction with someone else, even your “competition” (ESPECIALLY your “competition”!) as a chance to be taught something; you will find each and every time that you’ve learned something you didn’t know.

If those first two seemed like child’s play – congratulations! Now here’s the tougher one! Look within the madness and see opportunity, see impossible as a challenge, grab fear by the throat and choke the life out of it to the last drop of joy! If you can find happiness and purpose within the roaring maelstrom of insanity that can be our relentless every day life then you are a true master of yourself! This is the +5 enchanted vorpal sword of slaying of your MIND – when you can work not only well, but at your best, in spite of everything that goes wrong that’s worth a real tip o the hat.

How do you get to that pinnacle of awesome? The first two things here are a good starting point. Another good tip is to never be afraid to bite off more than you can chew – at least you won’t go hungry if you do!