Facebook is a most popular social site in the world used by 1.44 billion active users monthly. Many of us spend much time on Facebook sharing pictures and liking or updating status its daily dosage for Facebook users and finding someone special like best friends and many others. There are different types of Facebook users one of them is to just entertained their self on Facebook and other just promoting their products through Facebook and other many social networks such as twitter, Pinterest, YouTube many others. But there are also many peoples that they use Facebook not just as entertainment but they get more benefits from Facebook also like social marketing and promoting their products on social Medias.

So it’s your turn to choose what to do with Facebook or other social media sites. Just entertained or anything else. The choose is yours but if you are a blogger or any other business then you must use social sites, not just for entertainment. You are also used for promoting your products or business that people knows about your business. As a blogger I think Facebook is the most necessary part for promotion and getting more traffic on your site. So if you start your Facebook page with 0 likes and want to get more Facebook likes than you need to follow the following tips. How to get more Facebook likes quickly in a short amount of time. Here are the best 5 quick ways to get more Facebook likes. So follow these steps as it’s shown below and get more likes on Facebook easily and getting more traffic as well.

Invite your friends to like your page and shares with others. It’s will help you a lot to getting more likes to getting more traffic on your page. Inviting friends is one of the quick and best way to get more Facebook likes and get more popular in your friends community. How to invite your friends on your page. All you need to invite your friend’s is just follow the steps

Search your Facebook page name in the search

Get click on it and you will see the link as describe shown for


After clicking on it, you will get your friends list

Now click on invite and your invitation will be sent to your friends.

It’s so simple and easy to invite must try out its will help a lot.


Using pop-up box is the magic because it appear suddenly on your site and amaze your visitors. They must gone click on like button. If they found your website valuable then they must want to join you and know your recent activities and get update with your website daily. They must like it and it’s the magic way to get more like and followers on your page. If you are using WordPress (CMS) then you just need to install FB POPUP BOX and activate it and give your Facebook page URL and click on save settings all you did.


It’s little bit different from the previous step. In case if someone not interested on your blog for the first time then they will ignore your pop-up like a box but when they spending more time on your site and find your site as useful. They must like to connect on your Facebook page. Maybe they missed your pop-up box and here is the second chance to get your page. It also helps you to get look smart on your sidebar. Adding Facebook like a box on your site is best way to get the better look for your site and compatible with your site.


Adding social like buttons not help only help you’re to make more audience on the social site. It’s also helping your to promote your website and get more traffic as well. So adding buttons on the article top will help you lot to get massive number of audience of your page. How to add like buttons to your site. If you are WordPress user then it is easy to install the social media plugins and get like. Search “Simple Social Buttons”. Just install and activate it and choose how you want to show them on the bottom of the article of top depend on your choose.

After all following all my steps finally, you need some most important step. If people connect to your page and they are not found your page as valuable or you are not getting in touch in your Facebook page. Then the audience will not interest on your page anymore and they just dislike it or not even want to like your page. So after creating a page you need to update your page with valuable content pure content to your page as you did on your site daily and it’s will work.


After the long period of not updating my site is another issue but today I post an amazing and informative article to my site. Hope you will like it and learn more as previous posts. Getting more informative articles and valuable content then stay tuned for more amazing summer holidays packages. If you think this article is useful then share with friends because sharing is caring thank you for visiting.