Are you looking to get started in mobile phone marketing? Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be hard! This type of marketing is actually quite simple and so effective that you’ll be very pleased once you have it in place. Let me help you with my easy mobile phone marketing guide.
1. Decide what you want mobile phone marketing to do for your business:
Are you looking for more sales? Are you looking for a new way to interact with your customers? Are you wanting to improve your market share? Are you looking for branding opportunities? Are you wanting to improve traffic on slow days?
This is important to know – is it teenagers? Business people? Stay at home mothers? Who are you targeting?
3. Once you know what your goal or intention is and who you are targeting, you can craft the types of messages you will send around that goal or intention. You can also decide in advance how often you will send messages, and what time of the day you will send messages, and how many you will send in a week.
Will you be trying to catch your customers while they are deciding what to have for dinner? Are you trying to appeal to them when they are on their way to work? Are you trying to get their attention just before the close of the work day, or as they are leaving work?
4. Now that you have some idea of who you are sending messages to, what kind of messages you are sending, and when you are sending those messages you want to find a mobile phone marketing vendor. Look for one with phone support. Discuss your plan with the agent and see what they say. Do they offer all of the mobile marketing features that you need and want? Evaluate their available plans and make sure there is one that will meet your needs.
5. Once you have a plan and a vendor and some text credits, now is the time to get customers on your list. Put up signs at your place of business. Hand out flyers with receipts. Have your cashiers verbally tell everyone they talk to about the new list. Remember, there has to be something very good in it for the customer so they will want to sign up.
6. Once you have a list it is time to start sending out messages! It is important to send out smoking-hot deals that your customers just can’t refuse. Make them eager to get text messages from you.
7. Track your results and tweak your campaigns as necessary to keep results inline with your stated goal.
That’s all there is to it! I hope this guide has opened your eyes to how easy mobile marketing can be to get started with. There’s nothing left now but get out there and do it.